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The steps beneath may be followed for lease application in a Technopolis.

  • The Project Information Form is sent to a referee for evaluation. If the reviewers accept your project as R&D project, you can found a company in Ankara University Technopolis.
  • Company set up procedures may begin once the lease contract is signed. A Public Accountant or a Certified Public Accountant is required for conducting the company set up procedures and auditing the company.
  • Letter of Application and Attachments:
  • Company Information Form
  • Unit Information Form
  • Tax Certificate
  • Circular of Signature
  • Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
  • Certificate of Good Standing


Note: Documents mentioned above have to be delivered to Technopolis either stamped and signed by your company or approved by the relevant authority.

Land rental terms are as follows:

  • Satisfying the application process above there is two option:
  • Option 1: we can give you 1000 m2 land for construction of 1000 m2. The investors construct the building by its own budget. 2000 € paid monthly (2€/squaremeter) as “Land Usage Fee” for 6 years (72 months). During this time, no other rental fees are going to be demanded.
  • Option 2:000 € paid in cash for 1000 m2 closed area. The building will be constructed by us in 12 months. You can use the building 5 years (60 month) without no other rental fees.

Technology Development Zones (TDZs) are areas designed to support R&D activities and attract investments in high technology fields.

Advantages of TDZs are below:

  • Revenues derived from software development and R&D activities are exempt from income and corporate taxes until December 31, 2023.
  • Sales of application software produced exclusively in TDZs are exempt from VAT until December 31, 2023. Examples include software for systems management, data management, business applications, and different business sectors, the Internet, mobile phones and military command control.
  • Salaries of R&D and support personnel employed in the zone are exempt from all taxes until December 31, 2023. The number of the support personnel covered by the exemption shall not exceed 10 percent of the number of the R&D personnel.
  • Enterprises may make the investment, required for the production of the technological product obtained as a result of the R&D projects conducted in the zone, in the TDZ, if deemed suitable by the operator company and allowed by the Ministry.
  • 50 percent of the employer’s share of the social security premium will be paid by the government for 5 years until 31.12.2024.


Technological Product Investments are defined by article 25 of the law no. 28939 “Technology Development Zones Administrative Regulation” (date 12 March 2014).

Companies are allowed to produce any technological product in the TDZ which are an outcome of an R&D Project conducted on the TDZ. Activities regarding such investments are regulated with law no. 213 “Tax Procedural Law” (date 4/1/1961).,
For Company Set Up guidelines and other information on Investor’s Guide For Turkey:


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